Reboot Your Nervous System

With guided meditations and simple recipes

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 “There is no illness of the body apart from the mind.” Socrated

Healing and wellness can only occur during our “rest and digest” or parasympathetically dominated state. Our nervous system impacts our digestion, immune system, metabolism, gut microbiome, blood pressure, inflammation, cell reproduction, and, of course, our mental and emotional states. Truly all major aspects of your body, mind, and spirit are directly impacted by your nervous system.  

Bring your body and mind into a state of healing and well-being.  

Ready to reboot your system? 

Let's be real. In a world dominated by distractions, technology, and over booked calendars, if you don't take time to reboot, well, it's just not going to happen on it's own. 

In this starter kit you will get...

- 3 guided meditations designed to reboot your nervous system. Close your eyes and use the support of Sarah's voice to drift off into a state of health and silence. 

- A printable list of nervous system supporting foods to add to your daily diet. 

- Simple, quick and tasty recipes to fuel your brain and rewire your nervous system.  


About Sarah of Whole Health Lab

Sarah Klein lives in the southwest corner of Colorado. She enjoys spending her time in the mountains, on her yoga mat, and cookin' up a storm for family and friends.  

Sarah uses her background in health psychology, nutrition, and yoga to teach that true health is a balanced recipe, one that starts in the mind. She believes that when the body is given a chance it has the power to heal itself. How else can one explain the placebo effect that is 75% effective? Sarah uses the psychology of yoga to empower clients and the intelligence of the nervous system to create a state of healing and wellness. 

Sarah runs a variety of yoga trainings, teaches retreats around the globe, and works one-on-one with clients to create whole health through yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition.