This FREE 7 Day Challenge Will Provide You With:

A better understanding of nutrition and clean eating

Health information to help you make smarter choices 

Energy, Motivation, Accountability 

Fun health tips to implement

Tools to discover what foods work for your body and what foods don't

Tips to manage stress and control your nervous system

Fast, simple, tasty and clean recipes 

Inspiration to get into the kitchen, the fun way 

Tools for food freedom and tips to ditch willpower and work with biology 



So What Is Included?

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Daily Emails

7 daily emails packed with health information, a health tip to try, a fun non-food challenge, a drop of motivation, clean, tasty recipes & more!

7 Day Meal Plan

A full week's meal plan with easy to make, tasty, healthy, clean recipes.


Nutrition Information

We believe that knowledge is power to keep you motivated and on track. Learn the why and how on your daily health tip. 

Daily Non-Food Challenge

Because health is much more than what is on your plate. 


Motivation & Inspiration

Keep yourself on track by feeling motivated & energized!


Accountability & Support

We are 100% there for you every step of the way. Daily accountability means better results.


Our motto, food should be delicious, healthy & simple to make. 


Guided Meditation

We explain why mindfulness may be the missing step in your health journey. Get started  with short & easy meditations.

What Our Past Participants Say

We are so grateful to have these amazing women in our previous programs

"Sarah & Karen changed my life. They provided a whole new perspective on diet, nutrition & health. I personally have been a chronic yo-yo dieter and this program feels like a breakthrough for me. I successfully lost 10lbs during the challenge and had no feelings of deprivation. As a matter of fact LOVED all the recipes and had tremendous energy due to all the healthy & elicious food I was eating."

-Barbara Stevens, Massachusetts, USA

"I'm enjoying cooking again and feeling overall better inside and out. My overall level of energy feels stronger and more alive. Sarah & Karen brought me back on track making smarter choices on what to eat. I am not saying that I have totally given up on sugar, however I'm finding that balance and now stay away from the not  so good choices"

-Molly Huff, New York, USA

​"The most significant overall change I have noticed is I am happier and more fulfilled with the choices I have made. I would describe Sarah & Karen as enthusiastic, caring, supportive & knowledgeable! I would describe the support & accountability of this program as excellent & I would say the content they provide is great, very informative, with lessons to implement in my life."

-Shannon M. Perth, Australia

"Sarah & Karen are simply amazing! Both have extensive knowledge in their areas of expertise. They are motivating, inspiring, fun, creative & I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who hopes to jumpstart their lives into feeling better on many levels!"

-Priscilla Blevins, Colorado, USA

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